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Aan de slag

What does it mean to be a woman in the climbing community?

For years, Line has been searching for the ‘perfect’ female climbing partner to share the passion for mountains, but also the struggles of being an athlete in a male-dominated sports. But is this search really about finding this one partner, or is it about finding her own place in society?

Best Short Film Award
Femmes en Montagne

“It is a film that represents everything that makes this festival. A young director, not professional, who directs this film, who is in this film, who climbs into this film and who exposes herself.”

Honorable Mention
17th Festival Gorniskega Filma



“I’m so moved by your effort to create the film and prsent so much of your internal life so clearly. Breathtaking! Bravo bravo bravo!”

“Thank you for daring to say the things that many of us feel”

“I saw women in the audience with tears in their eyes. I never realized that this was such a big theme for women. How much it affects them. So impressive!”

– a man

“So powerful and indeed so recognizable. The search in the mountains for who you are and the discovery of what you can do and what you have taught yourself that you cannot do as a woman. How much stronger and tougher we are than our male climbing partners sometimes think, but also than we think ourselves!”